welcome to papcp

“Disability” or being dependant is a stage that all of us go through; in infancy, during periods of illness/convalescence .... perhaps old age.
Yet there is forgetfulness of this fact and insensitivity or apathy towards such people.

Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (PAPCP)

- Is a registered not-for-profit NGO catering to personal and vocational needs of differently abled young adults.
- Is a joint effort of parents and special educators to help them in their overall learning and development.

our mission

Inclusive living – so that challenged persons have equal opportunity and full participation to lead life integrated with society and have the best chance to lead a better life…Most definitely a happy one!

our vision

A Work cum Activity Centre for the Intellectually Challenged community of young adults

  • in a socially conducive, empathetic environment, where they do not feel pressurized, inferior, sidelined or challenged
  • a place where they can work with dignity and be contributing members of their family and society
Who are these differently-abled young adults?

our goal

  • Residential Centre with health care facility
  • Make rehabilitation available free of cost