Day Care Centre:

A place of ‘Sunshine and Sunny Smiles’ for the severely challenged youngsters, who are totally dependent on others even for their everyday personal needs. Being intellectually/physically challenged, they remain child-like all their life.

Day Care Room

Sheltered Workshop :

The Work-cum-Production Centre of PAPCP is a Beehive of activity. All specially-abled young adults of our Centre are provided training and work opportunity in any of the following, depending on their ability, interests and suitability.

Craft Room
Computer Room
Assembly Line: (proposed activity/vocation)
Machine Shop

Residential cum Health Care Centre: (Proposed Facility)

We need to address the question “After me who?” in the minds of our parents. It is our dream to have a campus of our own and build a residential facility, complete with a health care centre. PAPCP is striving towards making this a reality.