1. Who can become a member of PAPCP?

Ans. All parents of youngsters, who have completed 18 years of age and come under the umbrella of differently abled, can become members. Anybody who believes in the cause can be a member too.

2. I am a parent of a special child. How do I become a member?

Ans. Please contact the Centre. You will need to go through the admission procedure.

3. Can I just take training and leave?

Ans. Our training programme is generally work-based. You can take training in any of the vocations/projects we are working on. You can choose to continue or leave.

4. Is job guaranteed for all youngsters who undergo training?

Ans. PAPCP is a rehabilitation/work centre. All youngsters, except the ones in Day Care, are provided opportunity to engage in some work-based training. They are initiated into work when they are ready

5. Will my ward be earning?

Ans. At present a nominal stipend is paid to all youngsters. PAPCP is working towards making this a substantial amount in due course.

6. What are the different vocations available?

Ans. Please refer our website Our Activities.

7. What happens if my ward is not able to take up any vocation?

Ans. We have Day Care facility with appropriate activities. Please refer our website Our Activities.

8. Is the training free of cost?

Ans. No. At present all parents pay Rehabilitation Charges. PAPCP is working hard to do away with this and make all facilities available free of cost.

9. What is cerebral palsy and associated disorders?

Ans. Please refer to this link.

10. I am not a parent of a special child. Can I associate with PAPCP?

Ans. Certainly! Please refer our website Support Us.

11. I am a parent of a special child but not economically well placed. Can I become a member?

Ans. It is our goal to make facilities available free of cost for all. However, at present it is against payment. There could be provision for the economically weaker section from time to time. Do not hesitate to contact PAPCP.

12. Where are you located?

Ans. We are located in Bangalore, in Jeevanbimanagar. Refer our website Contact Us.

13. How does my child reach your Centre?

Ans. We have no transport facility. You have to make your own arrangements to reach the Centre.

14. Do you have any mainstream placement facility?

Ans. We do not have any such facility at present. However, all our youngsters are trained to do mainstream activity in the sheltered workshop. They become available for placement as and when they reach mainstream benchmarks.