• Converting every
    developmental disability
    into some kind of ability

  • Promoting functional and
    financial independence of
    those in our care

  • Why we exist

  • Helping our children lead a
    life of dignity that is
    not based on charity

  • Addressing the need
    for long-term care
    for our children


Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (PAPCP) was established in 2003. We are presently a Day Care Center for people with cerebral palsy, mild to severe mental retardation, Down's syndrome, multiple disabilities and autism (spectrum disorders). Our doors are open to anyone above 18 years of age with any kind and any degree of physical and intellectual disability under the umbrella of neuromuscular/developmental disorders. PAPCP is a parents' group registered as a Society.
We've redefined "day care". At PAPCP, "day care" means our specially abled people spend the day doing things they care about and earning a monthly income. It means our caregivers, therapists, special educators, volunteers and staff work with every individual in our care – one-on-one and in groups – to lift their abilities to the next level, to make them as functionally independent as possible. It means equipping every person with some ability that will help them earn a living and lead a life of dignity.

Our Vision

Inclusive living, so that the specially abled have equal opportunity and full participation to lead life integrated with society and have the best chance to lead a better life.....Most definitely a happy one!

Our Mission

A work-cum-activity centre for the specially abled community of young people in a socially conducive, empathetic environment, where they do not feel pressurized or marginalized; a place where they can work with dignity and be contributing members of their family and society.
A full-fledged residential care center with a supportive ecosystem where parents and caregivers can enroll their wards for long-term care.

Buy Our Products

The Sheltered Workshop trains people with medium and higher ability in different vocations such as paper products, tailoring and corporate gift items.

Our products include paper plates, newspaper bags, embellished gift bags and wine bags from handmade paper; multipurpose cardboard gift boxes; artwork for coffee mugs, coasters, trays, greeting cards and calendars.

Our PARTNERS & Sponsors

PAPCP is grateful to its partners & sponsors who have been a source of support and inspiration on our journey. We are grateful to every one of them for sharing their time, effort, resources and goodwill and being a part of our lives.

OUR Clients

Our clients are ambassadors of equal opportunity and an integral part of our journey. We are grateful to them for mainstreaming not just our products but also our cause.