Day Care Center

We've redefined "day care". At PAPCP, "day care" means our specially abled people spend the day doing things they care about.

Our Day Care Center is a place where people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities of varying degrees come together every day and are trained and engaged in activities that keep them occupied, productive and earns them a monthly income. We have two programs at the Day Care Center: the Activity & Therapy Center and the Sheltered Workshop

The Activity & Therapy Center provides a supportive and therapeutic environment for people with severe disabilities who are marginalized from mainstream society. The Center offers yoga, music, dance, art and physiotherapy besides indoor activities and outdoor games that enhance and strengthen motor and coordination skills. Indoor activities include fine motor coordination activities, pre-vocational activities and value addition to products crafted at the Sheltered Workshop . Many of the youngsters in the Activity & Therapy Center are accompanied by a parent or a guardian, who are completely involved in the day-to-day activities of the Center.

The Sheltered Workshop trains people with medium and higher ability in different vocations such as paper products, tailoring and corporate gift items. Our products include paper plates, newspaper bags, embellished gift bags and wine bags from handmade paper; multipurpose cardboard gift boxes; artwork for coffee mugs, coasters, trays, greeting cards and calendars. The Sheltered Workshop also runs a Computer Center and trains and employs the specially abled in simple data entry work. The Sheltered Workshop is run on a revenue generating model and proceeds from sales of products and/or services are paid as stipend to every young adult enrolled in PAPCP.

Proposed Residential Facility

We envisage a full-fledged, self-sufficient, economically viable residential facility that will address the need for long-term care of people with special needs who outlive their caregivers.

The greatest concern of caregivers is rehabilitation of their wards after their (caregivers’) time. As an organization, we would like to plan for the future of those in our care by offering them a residential facility where they can spend their days after their caregivers are no longer physically capable of caring for them. We would like to create a facility on owned or hired premises that is self-sufficient, is supported by a strong ecosystem and becomes self-sustaining over a period of time.

We envision a facility with disability-friendly infrastructure and therapy services, medical and nursing care facilities, 24-hour housekeeping and security services and on-premises utility services that will make it a comprehensive self-contained unit. Planned and phased deployment of income-generating ventures will make the facility economically viable over a period of time. In order to kick start fundraising efforts for the residential facility, PAPCP made its debut entry into 2018 TCS 10k Marathon.


Since our inception in 2003, PAPCP has achieved several milestones:

  • Expanded from being a Therapy & Respite Care Center to introducing revenue generating model through the Sheltered Workshop.
  • Collaborated with Bosch India Foundation (BIF) in 2010 who set up our Computer Center. Our first batch of higher ability students were trained by AMBA, an organization that trains differently abled people in basic data entry skills. BIF supported computer data entry training at PAPCP for 3 years.
  • Partnered with a Government of India initiative – Vocational Training Center, Peenya - under the Ministry of Labour and Employment to introduce tailoring training for our people in 2013. The Vocational Institute helped us set up a small Tailoring Unit in 2014.
  • Introduced paper plate making vocation in 2014. State Bank of India donated the machine which we continue to use to this day in the Paper Plate Unit, to generate revenue.

  • Introduced an assembly line activity for the first time in 2017 and successfully delivered 1500 new-hire kits for Bosch.
  • Successfully partnered with Amba Training Center to train lower ability individuals of the Activity and Therapy Center in basic computer skills in 2017. This is the very first exposure for these individuals in handling computers.
  • Added a new facility in 2017 to expand our reach with new enrolments. We now operate out of two premises in Indiranagar and Jeevan Bhima Nagar.

What makes us unique

PAPCP is one of the very few organizations in the city addressing the needs of people above 18 years with all degrees of developmental disability - both intellectual and physical. All individuals in the Sheltered Workshop have learnt new skills or upgraded their skills and have the opportunity to earn while they learn. Likewise, all young adults in the Activity & Therapy Center have exhibited noticeable improvement in their social skills, their energy levels and their enthusiasm for life, while benefitting from the therapies they undergo.

We have been witness to amazing stories of transformation and hope, of people who have overcome their challenges and learnt new skills, with nothing more than sheer perseverance and care.

Every day, we witness amazing and heart-warming stories of friendship, support and encouragement among this group. The more able-bodied cheerfully help their peers who are wheelchair-bound. People with better intellectual capacity help those who are slow to learn or are severely intellectually challenged, in their daily activities. This has resulted in amazing stories of transformation and hope. Their success further encourages and motivates them, their families and everyone at PAPCP.