Catering to special needs with special deeds

Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (PAPCP) was established in 2003. We are presently a Day Care Center for people with cerebral palsy, mild to severe mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, multiple disabilities and autism (spectrum disorders). Our doors are open to anyone above 18 years of age with any kind and any degree of physical and intellectual disability under the umbrella of neuromuscular/developmental disorders. PAPCP is a parents’ group registered as a Society.

We’ve redefined “day care”. At PAPCP, “day care” means our specially abled people spend the day doing things they care about and earning a monthly income. It means our caregivers, therapists, special educators, volunteers and staff work with every individual in our care – one-on-one and in groups – to lift their abilities to the next level, to make them as functionally independent as possible. It means equipping every person with some ability that will help them earn a living and lead a life of dignity.


Inclusive living, so that the specially abled have equal opportunity and full participation to lead life integrated with society and have the best chance to lead a better life.....Most definitely a happy one!


A work-cum-activity centre for the specially abled community of young people in a socially conducive, empathetic environment, where they do not feel pressurized or marginalized; a place where they can work with dignity and be contributing members of their family and society.

A full-fledged residential care center with a supportive ecosystem where parents and caregivers can enroll their wards for long-term care.


PAPCP was formed to address the lack of organized, productive spaces for people over 18 years with special needs.

In 2003, there were very few (if any) places that intellectually and physically disabled youth could go to once they attained 18 years of age. This gap was noticed by some parents whose children were enrolled in Spastic Society of Karnataka, Bengaluru. Once the children turned 18 and graduated from the special school, the parents had no further options to offer them which severely impacted the young adult’s life. With no one to talk to, interact with or learn from, the youngsters were confined to their homes with no future to look forward to. It also severely impacted the lives of their family members who had to care for these young adults round the clock without being equipped or qualified to do so.

A few parents from Spastic Society decided to address this gap and formed the Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (PAPCP) in 2003. It was started with a group of youngsters who belonged to the high-support group. They had severe neuromuscular disadvantages and needed constant care. Initially, the parents pooled in resources and started a Respite Care Center which was mainly an Activity and Therapy Center where their children could spend time with others like them in a protective environment.

PAPCP has two mainprograms: The Activity and Therapy Center for the high-support group and The Sheltered Workshop for the high-ability group.

Over the years, the parents found ways to identify their children’s abilities and found therapists, trainers and caregivers who could hone these skills to make them as functional as possible. They expanded their outreach into the sector forming supportive networks. They identified vocational streams – both in products and services - that the youngsters could be trained in. The Center evolved from a Respite Care Unit to a functional, income generating unit that could leverage every disability into some kind of ability. The aim was to create a platform for their children to earn and live with dignity. Thus, the Sheltered Workshop was born.

Why we exist

  • We exist to create an inclusive community with participative opportunities for people with special abilities
  • We exist to demonstrate that with enough care, perseverance and training, every disability can be turned into some kind of ability
  • We exist to mainstream the cause of the specially abled - passionately and compassionately

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our belief that every individual, no matter what their challenge, is gifted with some talent that can be honed, upgraded and leveraged.

  • We believe that love, encouragement and a nurturing environment with access to qualified special educators and therapists will help in making many of them at least partially independent.
  • We believe that with the right interventions, we can identify every individual’s unique skill and hone it to make them productive in society.
  • We believe that those with physical and intellectual challenges deserve opportunities that will help them earn a living and lead a life of dignity.

People at PAPCP

Parents Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders (PAPCP) was registered as a Society in 2003 (Reg. No. 195:2003-04). It is administered by a Governing Body comprising 5 office bearers and 6 committee members. The term of the Governing Body is 2 years and is elected by members of the Society at the AGM once in two years.

The Governing Body is supported by a large group of people including special educators, therapists, vocational trainers, care givers, staff and volunteers. The people at PAPCP keep the organization alive, buzzing and always ready to take on new opportunities that are remunerative and can keep their wards productively engaged.

Our Advisors

Mrs. Rukmini Krishnaswamy
Mrs. Indira Dave
Mr. Pravin Dave
Mrs. Sugandha Sukrutaraj

Registrations and Certificates

  • Registered with the Registrar of Societies of Karnataka
  • Income Tax – 12A and 80G exemptions
  • Registered under Section 51, 52 of Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 under Dept of Women & Child Development Govt of Karnataka
  • Member, National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt of India, New Delhi
  • Member of Parivaar
  • GST registration